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    Rhythm of Life

    Three Score and Ten

    Three Score and Ten “The days of our years are threescore years and ten . . . ” Psalm 90:10 There’s an old story that tells of a grandson who inherited his grandfather’s axe. His father had replaced the handle with an exact replica, and the grandson replaced the axe blade, also with a replica.   The question remains:  is this my grandfather’s axe?  If it’s just a copy, at which point did it become the copy? As of June 2022, The Junction has been meeting for 70 years, about the time length of a human lifespan.  In that time, so much of the world has changed, and those who founded the original First Christian Reformed Church would hardly comprehend some of the ways we have incorporated technology to worship, or the scope of the audience that can now hear a message spoken to a small group.  We inherited the Bibl ... continue reading