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Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life


Laments of Thanksgiving

December 04, 2017
By Pastor George

For our Thanksgiving service the congregation was encouraged to offer a concert of prayer in the form of laments, which expressed the burdens of our hearts, and then to contrast that with a confession of hope and faith. As we reflected on these laments it was painfully obvious that we are a broken people but with an incredible gift of faith. The following are some of the songs of lament that were submitted.


Lord, my heart cries out…. That we would not panic when times of uncertainty happen.

But…… we know you are sovereign and will help us to find comfort in knowing that you will always accompany us through trying times.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For our church family. It seems everything comes hard for us. Even our Renewal Journey has road blocks.

But…… we are confident that God watches over each one of us and regardless of outcome His will is being fulfilled and His love for us is constant.


Lord, my heart cries out…. Against racial violence, discrimination and oppression.

But…… I remember that there is no Greek or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. All are one in Christ Jesus, and you Lord, care for us all.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For refugees and displaced people in parts of the world where thousands flee their homes and fear for their lives.

But…… God is our shelter and an ever present help in times of trial. May his presence be evident in the places of brokenness and fear, and may His love shine.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For the prevalence of evil in the world.

But…… we know you are in control of all things.


Lord, my heart cries out…. when children don’t get along and make family holidays stressful.

But…… I trust in your faithfulness and in your promises to love and restore. Help me pray faithfully.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For days of strength and no more tears, for healing and purpose: for truth and justice.

But…… I know and believe that you know all things and see all things. You want me to rest and trust in you alone, for you hold all things in the palm of your hand.


Lord, my heart cries out…. there is so much destruction in the world, fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. There is so much greed, a seeking after wealth, possessions and please.

But…… you Lord, allowed Israel to suffer in Egypt before freeing them. Help us to see that you wanted to get “Egypt” out of Israel, and in the same way you want to get the world out of us, so that we can be free to serve you. Help us love you as you love us.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For someone who lived alone because illness distanced him from people.

But…… I know he was always your child. And you held him in your care and loved him. Thank you Lord!


Lord, my heart cries out…. For places of natural disaster which leads to human suffering and lack of food.

But…… You lord, provide even in disaster areas. We have more than we need and we can help in Jesus name. “For His mercy endures forever.” Psalm 107:1b


Lord, my heart cries out…. For all of my sinfulness.

But…… Jesus paid it all! He served the Father perfectly. He came to serve us and to free us from all our sin. He will come back as King, restore his children, and he has done away with sin. We will live forever with him, our Triune God; as holy children, to the glory of God.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For those who do not know the Lord and who suffer illness, loneliness and separation.

But…… then I call to mind and therefore I have hope, for you Lord are steadfast and your love never ceases. Great is His faithfulness. For he gives freely the gift of salvation to us who were once lost. Receive and give thanks for His great gift of mercy which is full and free.


Lord, my heart cries out…. For broken families, uninvolved parents and latch key children who are hurting deeply and don’t even know it because it has become normal.

But…… Jesus came to be with you so that you would never be completely disconnected or alone. He came to save. He died to set you free and give new life.


                Even those who are full of life and enthusiasm hurt inside if not for themselves; for others. God gives some the gift of mercy, some the gift of intercessory prayer, some the gift of care. God allows burdens to fall on our hearts so that we will recognize his blessings and also opportunities to reach out to those who are in need. We are the body of Christ in this world today and it is through burdens that we feel God’s heart lamenting too and though our responses, we are the hands of God reaching out. And our success is to the Glory of Him who loves us.          

Submitted by Pastor George
Laments submitted by various members