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Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life


God’s Plan for my Family

February 17, 2018
By San Sok

I am a son of a peasant who used to live in my native land, Cambodia.  After Cambodia fell in chaos condition I was coerced away from my parents and siblings to join in the army who was commanded to attack their own people without reason which I would not agree with.

At that time the political drive of the society forced people to serve its immense misery and demands though I did not like to do it.  I was not only physically forced to serve but also mentally and nobody could share ideas or to listen to other opinion.  The oppression was increased from one generation to the next.  The youth in my generation [1971-1973], who were around 20 years old was forced to leave families.  Their human right was taken away from protecting their own freedom.  Especially there was distrust among the people and even within the family.

New law and regulation forced the young people not even to forgive their own parents if there was a mistake.  After serving under the unjustness of the new government; I was hurt mentally and consciously.  Sometimes, I followed the command as I liked to do it, but I actually pretended to like it.

Another regime arrived through the rescue of a neighbor country.  War also continued and left my family with a new religion.  My family used to observe Buddhism and later changed to follow Brahmanism.  It seemed as if there was no own native religion.  Khmer nation changed from a democracy to an uncivilized society.  There is not a genuine national army, or no real national devotee, but only a compulsory army and animosity among their own people.  Everyone is enemy.  The similar condition exists till today.  There is no Khmer hero.  The national army from one generation to the next was also forced to serve.  They all became victims of the new government.  There is no monument of the genuine Khmer heroes for the next generation to remember.  In opposite, those who have sacrificed their lives in war were accused from either side.  There was no justice, freedom, and mercy for them at all.  Neighbor countries watched and laughed and just waited to take over the country.

Nowadays Khmer people still live in an ancient system which existed two thousand years ago.  One tyrant king was overthrown, next one was installed.  Whoever is the head of family is the heir and inherits the power.  All properties and riches is given to him or her and they own them as their personal belongings.  The suffering and slavery of my family living in Cambodia right now still exists.  What they experienced in the past prompts them to live out today.  In comparison: gold usually valued as 10 K, now seems to be only valued as if 1 K, because generosity, moral conduct and good manner are not important anymore for the present generation and many Khmer people care not to observe these aspects of life.

In Angkor Era, there is Angkor Wat (a magnificent temple) which represented a great nation, now people are careless of the greatness which was built by our Khmer conquerors because it is meaningless for them in the present time.  They dig, break, and steal, whatever they can find to sell it for their daily living.

Some of the survivors from that grand horror and agony are rescued and set aside by the Creator, who is God of all things and all races.  He calls His children and people to come to Him in His time to receive His gift of the Holy Spirit. His love, honesty, justice, salvation, and mercy that were lifted up in the refugee camps softened the hearts of those who listened and obeyed His word.  They thoughtfully surrendered to Him through the conviction of the Holy Spirit to obey and to follow, leading to their arrival in Canada.  This was made possible through the honest servants of God from today St. Thomas, First Christian Reformed Church.

Later I really knew that my family and I were sponsored to leave from refugee camp though we owned no personal belongings to come to Canada.  We owned no piece of land. My family consisted of four living souls, father, mother, and two sons.  But God planned a great plan for us to lack nothing.  At first there was a challenge of how to live here.  We did not know anyone or have any friend who came from the same horrifying place and nation, but in opposite, we began to know better people who are like our parents.  As a Buddhist, I could not find any other Buddhist who has a heart like a Christian.  I am a son of peasant who had never dreamed to have a car but God gave me cars.  I used to think that only those who are rich and smart could get education in the third country, but God also had a plan for me too.

Why I was a Buddhist is because I just followed my ancestor.  I was ashamed after I found out I could not find a good Buddhist like a good Christian.  The goodness I found could not be made by human power, but by God only.  That goodness is to the glory of God, through this congregation in this church. They have shown us how to lift up God’s name through which His prominent salvation is freely given.  Any religion that does not practice like Christian could not find salvation through Christ.  And also there is no salvation through human work because the salvation is given through God’s grace for those whom God has selected.

From my daily living and for the future, I believe that God already did have a plan for my family.  I pray for my family - may God forgive us and keep us in Him.  He has chosen us and may we live under his wings, justice, perfection, mercy, love, and kindness forever and ever.  Amen!

May the God of kindness always be the great Rock where my family finds refuge!  May we always remember the words of 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  NIV

I believe that whatever I have today is God’s plan for my family.  May my God be praised everyday as he governs us from the beginning till the end!  With a heartfelt love given by the gracious God

San Sok and family