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Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life


Getting In On The Love

November 11, 2018
By Trudy Prins

Our children are now all grown, but many years ago, we used to laugh about how, if my husband and I shared a hug in the kitchen, we would find ourselves suddenly attracting our small children and even the family dog from all over the house.  They all wanted to be in on that charmed circle.  There was always a way to include everyone!

God’s circle of love, too, is ever-expanding, rippling out and calling people from all tribes and nations and languages, a diverse group in character and abilities.   I think about how this was only possible because Jesus, beloved only Son of his Father, “didn’t consider this equality as something to be grasped,” but in amazing love and humility turned and made a way for us to join that divine circle.

How attractive, how magnetic that circle can be for those in need of belonging and meaning in their own lives!  God’s great love is not depleted through time and all kinds of circumstances.   Over fifty years ago, caring Sunday School teachers gave me a plaque that brightly proclaimed “Love never faileth.”  I still have it.  The language is archaic, but the truth endures.  When we will never run out, when we have so much, let’s open up all we have for others to share.  Let’s include everyone who hungers to be part of a loving family of God.  In the end, the joy is multiplied and all of us are enriched by it.